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Art & Soul – meditations

In these times I have been painting in my studio images inspired by the lighthouses of Cornwall. Each painting also reflects something of my prayers and my faith – encountering the dynamic presence of God in the world around us.

I have several on the go, but thought I’d share here the first one I have completed. Here it is on my easel – to give a sense of the scale. It’s 40 x 54 inches.

‘Turmoil’ by Colin Brown

Although the subject is Godrevy lighthouse on the north coast of Cornwall, I have entitled the painting ‘Turmoil’. This reflects something of my own inner condition, as well as people I know, loved ones… and indeed, the whole world at this time.

Yet, as the lighthouse symbolises, there is always hope. Hope is founded in LOVE… in the Source of that love… in God. And love is greater than anything… even viruses, pain and death… and times of turmoil.

Prayer through Art

Time with the painting

  • Let yourself take in the painting.
  • Notice colours, textures, areas of light or shade.
  • Where do you feel particularly drawn?
  • What does it feel like?
  • Take time to be with what is emerging for you – don’t rush!
  • Try not to analyse – just notice how you feel.


  • Recall the effect the painting has had on you.
  • Your experience is your prayer. It is your response to God, who reaches out to you with love.
  • Dare to trust that God is in your experience with you.
  • What might God be saying to you?
  • How might you respond? This is prayer.

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  1. Henry Morgan

    I’m delighted that you have put one of your paintings here for others to see, Colin. Brilliant. I hope that you’ll put many more. Henry

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