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Front Cover Henry Morgan and Roy Gregory, both part of Annunciation Trust, have edited a new book which is a follow-on from Henry's Approaches to Prayer. It was inspired by their experiences of working together as Spiritual Directors at The Greenbelt Festival. Click on image for PDF File to enlarge and read front and back.
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To order email: or call 01235 465 500 or visit Price £10.99

The Trust was formed in 1993 and those involved with it are available individually or corporately for one-to-one spiritual direction, training days, spiritual direction consultations, holistic massage and 'quiet day' retreats. The Trust has sponsored the 'Approaches to Prayer' website which can be accessed from the INDEX on the left. It has also supported the work of 'Soul Space' at the Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival and has encouraged the development of Spirited Exchanges UK which supports those whose faith journey is outside the church. Prayer Cards used at Greenbelt and in the work of spirituality and spiritual direction of the members of the trust and others are available from this site.

The Trust provides some support for the ministries of Henry Morgan, Sylvia Morgan, Paul Booth, Julian Maddock, Sister Rachel Overton and Roy Gregory. A larger group of people meet regularly to encourage each other and have conversations in the area of Spirituality. LINKS covers other sites which might be of interest to Annunciation Trust members and friends.

The Trust has an ethos based around the annunciation story (Luke 1: 26-38). This tells of a young women hearing a call from God, which both terrifies and excites her, but sustained by God she accepts it. The story speaks both to our own condition, and to the ministry to which we find ourselves called, outside the formal structure of the Christian church: a ministry of helping men and women discern their own calling from God, and to follow it.

The trust '…helps people to get in touch with what matters most to them… and look at how they can live that out', '…frees people to love and trust themselves', '…seeks to integrate body, mind and spirit in holistic spirituality', '…facilitates releasing and trusting God's hidden treasure within us', and '…builds upon our own experience of God.'

If you are interested to know more about the work of the Trust or its ministry email or our Treasurer at


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If you have found our Prayer Cards or our Approaches to Prayer resources helpful and you would like to make a 'thank offering' please send your contributions addressed to the 'Treasurer' or anyone of us whose addresses are on the ABOUT US page. Cheques payable to 'Annunciation Trust',