We are soon to have an election, and many people are pressing that it should be about policies and not personalities. I think that Jesus would agree with that.

His preaching was not about himself, [He claimed no title save the that of ‘the son of man’] but about what He had learnt of God in the overwhelming experience He had after His baptism. He had come to repent to God of His sin and found to His astonishment that God spoke to Him saying ‘You are my dearly beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” Unconditional love seeks reconciliation rather than repentance. His knowledge of God was turned on its head.

He became aware that this was true not just for Him, but for everybody. He set out to demonstrate that to those who had not had the experience that He’d had, and especially to those whose experience rather was that they were told that God judged them negatively, and that society excluded them. 

The risen Jesus called His followers to continue His mission, which was not primarily about Himself but about God’s unconditional love for all, and especially for those who felt themselves to be unworthy & excluded. For Jesus, God’s policies were more important than His personality.

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