In 1992 I felt called by God to resign my living as an Anglican parish priest and to set up The Annunciation Trust. I had no clear idea as to where God was leading me, although I think that I assumed spiritual direction was likely to be a part of it. Despite my sense of call, my Diocesan Bishop thought I was seriously misguided and tried to dissuade me. It was a lonely time, and I was very grateful for supportive friends.

It was only later, in 1998, when I became aware of The Spiritual Counsel Trust that Norman Goodacre had set up, that I realised that others before me had been called in a similar way. I cannot describe the sense of amazed relief I felt on discovering that there was a tradition into which I might fit, and where I might belong. Of course, rationally I can’t have been the first to sense this sort of calling, but to actually encounter it is rather different. To meet David Smith and Norman Goodacre and to hear about Reginald Somerset Ward, and to recognise these men as colleagues and friends was a great source of blessing.

So it seems important on this web-site to acknowledge the tradition within which we stand: to honour in a small way some of those who have gone before us and to whom we are indebted; to place on record something of their stories and their wisdom.


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