As a counter to the turmoil depicted in my last piece, I have painted a view of Godrevy lighthouse and beach on a beautiful calm day. It is a very spacious beach, about three miles long, and the tide goes out a long way, revealing golden wet sands that reflect the sky and landscape. It all invites me to stop, and be…to ‘Breathe Peace’ in my body, mind and soul. 

‘Breathe Peace’ oil on canvas 30x40in by Colin Brown

Prayer through Art

Time with the painting

  • Let yourself take in the painting.
  • Notice colours, textures, areas of light or shade.
  • Where do you feel particularly drawn?
  • What does it feel like?
  • Take time to be with what is emerging for you – don’t rush!
  • Try not to analyse – just notice how you feel.


  • Recall the effect the painting has had on you.
  • Your experience is your prayer. It is your response to God, who reaches out to you with love.
  • Dare to trust that God is in your experience with you.
  • What might God be saying to you?
  • How might you respond? This is prayer.