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The light of God

I find myself in hospital, in a 4-bed bay. In the bed opposite is Sardar Ali, an 81 year old Moslem gentleman from Pakistan. He has few words of English. His son tells me he is in Huddersfield visiting his son and family; he visits them twice a year. His son visits his father in hospital twice a day – on his own at lunchtime, and with his wife and young son Esa in the evening. 

On his second visit, Esa plucks up courage to come over to me and press the buttons to make my bed go up and down. He chuckles, and we become firm friends chatting about colours and toys and friends. When the family leaves, Esa comes across and gives me a big hug and a kiss. 

The love between the son and his father is beautiful to see, and indeed between the whole family. Together they bring the light of God into the room. Sardar himself is such a humble, gentle man who exudes the peace and presence of God. He has a wonderful smile, and a gracious, honouring wave of the hand. 

Tonight Sardar has been discharged, and his son has taken him home. I will miss him. 

Sometimes the presence of God is palpable. This has been so for me these past three days. 


  1. Julian Maddock

    Blessings and prayers, Paul. May you be surrounded with God’s presence.

    • Paul Booth

      Thank you Julian

  2. Marja Leena Virolainen

    Thank you! It was very nice real life -story, something we need to day. Hopefully you’ ll get your Health soon.
    Be blessed!

    • Paul Booth

      Thank you Marja Leena

  3. Christine

    May our Lord continue to bless you and to surround you with such loving and caring people during what I trust will be a short sojourn in hospital.

    • Paul Booth

      Thank you Christine

  4. Henry Morgan

    Your gift with words Paul, has not deserted you. What a wonderful use of the web-site. Thank you, my brother.
    And God and Her blessings surround you.
    Love & prayers for a speedy recovery

    • Paul Booth

      Thank you Henry

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