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Confused Archbishop?

The Guardian newspaper on the 12th February reported a comment from the Archbishop of Canterbury about the new President of the USA:

‘Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, said this month that Trump’s policies could have disastrous outcomes. “Policies that are based in fear rather than confidence and courage and Christian values of hospitality, of love, of grace, of embrace rather than exclusion, are policies that will lead to terrible results,” he said on LBC radio.’

Now I thoroughly agree with the Archbishop in his comment about Mr Trump. But it’s a great pity that he doesn’t see that exactly the same logic applies with respect to the Church of England’s attitude towards its LGBT members, and that it too is going to ‘lead to terrible results’, indeed it is already doing so. It’s difficult not to see the Archbishops comment as hypocritical. What a pity that Bishops who can be helpfully prophetic to society cannot be equally helpfully prophetic to the church they lead!

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  1. Julian Maddock

    Amen to that, Henry.

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