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Praying with Stones

Stones can be used to help you to pray in a variety of ways - here are some suggestions to get you started.

Pick a stone - just an ordinary stone, but each is part of God's creation. Each one is unique, like us, created and loved by God. Really look at it, its colour, its shape - dip it in the water and see how the colour changes. What messages does your stone have for you, what is the "water" which shows you in your true colours?

Hold your stone and notice its temperature change. Maybe this is how you feel when you pray and are "held" by God, or perhaps you would like to feel held and don't? " Look at your stone - is there anything in the colour/pattern/blemishes that helps you get in touch with something in your own life, in your own spiritual journey? "

Does your stone have crystals that sparkle in the right light? What makes you "sparkle" and what is the "light" which helps you to sparkle?

You might like to make a pattern with some stones - perhaps each stone will have a particular meaning for you (maybe each stone representing a person who you want to pray for, or an event in your life). As you lay the stones down pray for the person or event it represents.

You could carry a stone in your pocket or bag, and when you touch it remember to pray. Pray for whatever is on your mind at that time - and remember to thank God for his love.

Is there something you want to ask God to forgive you for? Hold the stone and pray about this thing, ask God to forgive you and allow the stone to drop gently into the water. Feel the weight of your sin washed away.

Thank God for the insights you have received from holding your stone

Jane Russell