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Prayer is…………….

Prayer is being consciously open to God.

The ideal is to be praying all the time i.e. consciously open to God all the time. There is a multitude of different ways of doing this There must be to match the multi-faceted nature of life. We are more open to God than we realise. Many spontaneous moments of open-ness are not recognised for what they are, Often they are fleeting, often they are in 'non-religious' settings.

Times when we consciously set out to be open to God are in practice often dull, arid, and seemingly empty of meaning. Sometimes this is just a barren, desert stretch of journey that has to be embraced as best we can. Sometimes it is because the way of praying that we are using has gone dead on us.

We need then to find new ways. We need:
1 To deepen our capacity for recognising the [un]expected moments of prayer.
2 to widen our range of ways of praying.
3 to discover the resources to survive, and indeed flourish, in the desert.


Henry Morgan