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Nature Walk

Begin with a recollection of God's love for you and his presence with you.

Take a deep breath of fresh air and reflect on the wonder of this all-pervasive gift which keeps you alive; of the unseeing providence of God who holds you in existence and is continually creating you.

As you begin to walk allow your senses to come alive. Look around you, notice the colour, shape, movement, beauty of what you see: a tree, flower, the sky, clouds, a face…….Delight in it all, enjoy it, rejoice…. Reflect on the gift of sight and thank and praise God ….aloud if you can.

Listen to the variety of sounds, even the tiniest ones….voices, wind, animals, water……even to the seeming silence. Be glad for the music of sound, delight in all you hear. Reflect on what your sense of hearing means to you……and express your gratitude to God the giver of this gift. Feel wind, sun the air……a stone, a leaf, the bark of a tree, the ground under your feet, the clothes you wear….reflect on your use of touch in expressing affection, in physical work, in playing musical instruments, writing…….Imagine your life without this sense of touch. Express your gratitude and praise. Smell the scents around you…….the atmosphere, fresh grass, flowers, plants….Delight, rejoice, express your gratitude.

Taste an edible berry, a nut….and at your next meal become aware of the subtle tastes of various foods, savour what you eat and drink, delighting in it. How grateful do you feel for your senses? What has been evoked by this exercise? Express your gratitude naturally to God, aloud if possible.

Now, or later, move on to reflect on your life and let gratitude arise for all that you genuinely appreciate in your life. Express your feelings spontaneously in whatever way seems right to you.

Sister Gabriel