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'My journal is a trap in which I can catch and hold on to otherwise fleeting thoughts, feelings, insights, experiences, dreams and fantasies. Many of them have no meaning for anyone except myself. However, others have had very practical implications. It has been an invaluable aid in my research and my writing.'
[LawrenceOsborn:'Paper Pilgrimage']

Doing it.:

notebook......durable...... flexible, for writing/drawing/sticking in.

alternatives: cassette recorder/lap-top.
good to date entries
honest: no self-delusion/no castigation/no escapism. 'write fast, write everything, include everything, write from your feelings, write from your body, accept whatever comes.' [Tristine Rainer: The New Diary]
it is written 'to enable me to ask definitely by forcing myself to put yearnings into words.' [The Journals of Jim Elliott]

Addressed to ? God?
multiple: spiritual/secular/dream/family/professional. or, all mixed up.?
techniques: unsent letters dialogues, with anyone you like
diagrams and pictures
There are no rules.

Value of reviewing and looking for trends and developments. and Prayer.

two columns, prayer in one and the other to record answers.
helpful -re discernment. place of self-examination
helpful to write prayers letters to God-be honest!
writing rather than saying can aid concentration
aid to assessing your prayer life noting moments of joy and anger>>>>>to worship
decision making: list of pros and cons use of

Code letters may be helpful
A action
I idea
P unresolved problem which will require more thinking
PR prayer
M meditations, and reflections on Biblical or other texts
V voices, of my unconscious
D dreams
F fantasies
R review

Example of books that began as journals
Dag Hammarskjold: Markings.
Annie Dillard: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
CS Lewis: A Grief Observed
Henri Nouwen: Genesee Diary
Anne frank's Diary.