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Creating a Prayer Space

This is about finding a place where you can pray. There are two ways of going about it.

1...... by recognising the places that are already prayer places for you. Most of us will have places where God has been real for us at some time in our lives: places where it is subsequently easier to feel close to God. Try to name some of them. It might be in a church. It might be a place other than a church (the National Gallery in London is such a place for me). It might be an outside place. Perhaps a corner of your garden if you have one: or a place in a park, or open space It might be a place with a view, a seat, a tree, a pond etc. Or just a place where you walk the dog! Is it possible to visit this place regularly? Once a week, or once a month.? Establish a pattern of visiting and of trying to be open to God when you're there Or it might be a place in your own home. A window with a view. A favourite chair. Even your bed. Any place where God feels close.

2......or you might want deliberately to create a place for prayer. Few of us are lucky enough to have a room we can set aside, but there might be a corner somewhere. Perhaps with a view out of a window. Or just a particular chair. ( You can sit to pray rather than kneel, if you want to) Some people use a prayer stool, or some cushions. Some prefer to stand to pray. A number of factors will influence your choice:
(1) when do you want to come to your prayer place? At set times? Or just when you want to?
(2) will you use it alone, or with others? If you share your home with other people, then you'll need somewhere where you can be apart. Equally you'll need to choose a space that respects the other peoples' needs and usage.

3.....what do you want to do in your prayer space? To sit quietly, to read, to say an office, to sing, to listen to music, to look at something, or simply to talk to God? Aids. The aids you can use will depend on where your prayer space is. If it's in a public space then you've either got to use the aids that are there-probably natural things; or things that you can carry in your pocket, like a rosary, or a small cross. If its in your own home then you can use all sorts of things:
(1) an icon or religious picture
(2) a lighted candle
(3) incense or joss-sticks
(4) natural objects, like stones or flowers etc., which you could make into an arrangement if you chose.
(5) music
(6) books
(7) a Bible
(8) any other objects that are of special importance to you, such as an old photo, a post-card, or some significant quotation.

You can always change the arrangement of your space to fit the church's calendar, or the year's seasons, or your changing mood. All this may make creating a prayer space seem rather complicated! That's because I've tried to cover a whole range of possibilities. But it's probably best to start simple, with one idea, and then allow it to evolve. Remember that the object is not to create a prayer space, packed with all sorts of prayer aids, which will be the envy of others! But to have something which will help you to pray better.