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Colourful Prayer

What colour do you associate with anger? If you asked that question to a room full of people you would get a variety of different answers. Colour is of very real importance to each of us, but the significance of a colour is likely to be different for different people.

From our early experiences, now long forgotten, we are often left with colour associations, different colours came to be associated with our different feelings and emotions. For example someone may associate anger with the colour black, another with the colour purple, another with orange etc. Try the following exercise: Remember a time when you were very angry, what is the first colour that comes to mind? Repeat this with a variety of different scenarios, a time when you were very excited about something, very pleased, anxious, happy and so on. In this way you can build up your own colour code to match your feelings.

Sometimes it is too difficult and painful for us to express our feelings in words, at such a time it might be that we are able to express them in colour and shape. Colour can become for us a means of reaching out to others and to God.

To colour your prayer: Spend a few moments becoming still and centred. Identify an issue which is very much on your heart and mind and about which you would like to express your feelings to God. Be focused on that issue, see what colour or colours come to mind. Use these colours to make your prayer in whatever shape that comes. Praying with colour is not an attempt to create a work of art or a picture, it is a way of deepening our relationship with God.

Sister Gabriel